Terms and Conditions


The website www.yarn.co.il provides for the purchase of yarn and other knitting supplies and is wholly owned by the Yarn.co.il Company. Anyone buying and/or interested in buying knitting supplies via the site and/or everyone who surfs the site (“client”) accepts the conditions of use for the site and agrees to abide by them. This applies to anyone having a complaint or demand, either directly or indirectly, against the site, and/or any of its employees and/or its owners or anyone acting for them.


Ownership and Protection of Rights

“Yarn” (business registration number 024641177) has the legal right to create this website and any other models connected to said website. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, advertise, promote, sell, or change any part of the information which appears on the site without written permission from the owners, except for downloading for personal and not commercial use. “Yarn” maintains for itself the right to close the website at its convenience.


Conditions for Use of the Website

Anyone who has a valid credit card from a company listed with the website is free to purchase services or products with it on the site. We accept credit cards from these companies: Visa, American Express, Isracard, and Master Card. The user is allowed to use the site only in order to order products or get information. It is not allowed to use the site for any other purpose. Orders from the site are carried out only via a credit card or through the PalPal system. Credit card details are not kept on the website. It is illegal to use the website or information appearing thereon to abuse patent rights or other relevant laws.

Personal information given by clients is only used for charging and to communicate with clients, and is not forwarded to any party, commercial or otherwise.

“Yarn” retains the right to change the terms and methods of use at any time. Any or all disagreements which arise will be settled in the Tel Aviv-Yafo District Court in Israel.


Terms of Purchase

Purchase is made via an order through the system for personal buying.

At the completion of ordering, an automatic confirmation e-mail will be sent directly to the client who is ordering. In this manner, the order is confirmed. Credit card is billed after the order is prepared and the personal details of the purchaser are confirmed. This is completed within three business days after the order is placed.


Cancellation of Order Policy

All purchases are made through the website can be canceled, pursuant to the Law on Customer Rights (1981), afterwards referred to as “Law on Customer Rights”.

Short general directions for cancellation are (full directions for cancellation are found in the “Law on Customer Rights” which are binding): the order can be cancelled during the first fourteen days after it has been made, by written message only to the e-mail address [email protected].   

Directions for cancellation due to defect.

In case of a cancellation due to a defect in the product, please return the defective product to us by registered post. You will be given full credit for the value of the returned item(s) plus the registered return postal fees.

Results of a cancellation not due to defect.

In case of a cancellation not due to a defect in the product, if you return the product within 14 days, “Yarn” will credit you with the price of the item but not the return mailing costs. If you received the product, you must return it at your expense.

Know that if the returned product and its packaging is not in the condition it was received from us, that is, if while it was in your possession it became faulty, damaged, or otherwise in worse condition than when we shipped it, “Yarn” will determine if you have any credit coming. Due to printing rights, patterns cannot be returned at all.

In order to prevent any damage from occurring to the product in mailing, we recommend that it be returned in the original packing materials, complete and without damage of any kind.

In any case of dissatisfaction with the product as received, please contact us so that we can solve the problem to mutual satisfaction.



Shipping from the website is via Israel Post Office and is dependent on their delivery times. Additional information about settlements where mail is delivered directly to the house can be obtained from their website http://www.postil.com . For settlements not on their website, shipping is made to the central post office of that area.


Information and Pictures on the Website

All pictures shown on the website are intended for illustration only. Since its appearance depends on the settings of the client’s monitor, or printed on his/her printer, it is possible that there will be small differences between the received pictures and the item itself.



The website contains links to other websites on the Internet. “Yarn” offers these links only for the convenience of the user and it is not responsible for information or any other matter at these websites or any further links offered by the referred website. If the user chooses to surf these referred websites, they are entirely responsible for themselves.


Limits of Responsibility

“Yarn” or its operators, owners, managers, or anyone they so designate, is not responsible for the condition of services, except in so far as the website services will be free of viruses or other components which might damage the users’ computer during the time they surf the website or receive services from it. “Yarn” is not responsible for damage caused by failure or delay during connection to the site. “Yarn” does not take responsibility for illegal actions taken by any purchaser from the site or any other cause not under their control. In any case, “Yarn” is allowed to stop or prevent connection to any part of the site at any time.


Changes in the Website

“Yarn” may change from time to time the arrangement of the website, its contents, conditions of use, the extent or availability of services or products offered, and all other aspects included in the website without requiring prior notice to the clients.