Privacy Policy


We hereby publish the protection of privacy policy of the site “” and therefore of ourselves as owners.

We at “Yarn” relate respectfully to the privacy of the clients who use our site and promise to uphold their privacy on our site.

The following details outline the privacy policy used on our site. They include, among other things, the manner in which we use the personal information given us by our clients or revealed during use of the site. Our privacy policy applies to those who use the site services regularly and are registered with us, to all our workers, and to occasional users who are not on file with us.


Changes in Privacy Policy

The creators of the site are allowed to rearrange or change from time to time the privacy policy of the site. When significant basic changes in the privacy conditions are carried out which affect the use of personal information given by site surfers, a notice will be advertised on the Home page of the site. 


Registration for Services

Surfing, visits, and use of the site can be carried out anonymously. However, various operations are likely to demand that you supply some personal details. We are likely to collect the following data: information regarding your use of the site, information regarding business deals done by way of our site, and/or all other information that you give, upload, and/or advertise on the site. In regard to all private information requested at the time of registering for services on the site or at the time of acquiring products there, the company asks for just the information necessary to supply the service or product.


Information Use

The use of information collected will be limited by this Privacy Policy or by law, for example:

-- in order to allow use of the various services of the site;

-- to improve and enrich services and product contents on the site;

-- to create personal areas on the site;

-- to make, change or cancel existing services and contents;

-- for the purpose of acquiring products and services for the site;

-- for the purpose of advertising information and contents;

-- in order to match the knowledge given at the time of your visit to the site to your special interests;

-- information used by the company will be mainly statistical data, which is unable to be personally identified.

Direct Electronic Mail

“Yarn” is interested in sending you periodically by e-mail information about its services and suppliers. Registration with “Yarn” enables us to occasionally send you other advertisements by e-mail about services and products, which may or may not be advertised elsewhere. If you don’t wish to receive these notices, just follow the directions at the top of the e-mail to cancel future mailings.


Sharing Information with a Third Party

“Yarn” does not share with third parties personal information or your shopping preferences except:

-- in cases where these details are necessary to acquire the services of a third party which offers its services by way of our website;

-- if you take part in the services of a third party, or activities in partnership with “Yarn” and a third party shown on our website;

-- in case of any court decision, claim, complaint, demand, or other legal procedure, if such occurs between you and the company, which requires the exposure of personal details;

-- if you take an action on the website which is against the law and/or assumed to be illegal and/or attempt to carry out such actions against the policies of the company;

-- if the instructor receives a court order to provide your details or other information about you to a third party;

-- in any case in which “Yarn” assumes  that the provision of information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to person or property from any cause;

-- if “Yarn” will sell or transfer by any means the activities of the website to any corporation – and if, in this case, it combines its operations with another party or other website, the new partner or owner will take on itself our privacy policy.



For the purpose of its operation - including the collection of information about the website visitor's usage of the site, to verify the identity of the user for accessing the site and its information, in order to provide the user with an easier and more comfortable usage of the site, in order to analyze and tailor the site to the needs and preferences of the user, and in order to maintain network security - this site does and will use "cookies": The technological systems of the website causes the browser program , by command, to create in the user's computer "cookie" files, which could possibly be maintained on the user's computer drives.

These specific files are stored in various libraries according to the browser specifics and the user's operating system, such as in a library on the main drive labeled 'Temporary internet Files', or in any other library. These 'cookies' files contain specific information concerning a wide array of the user's activity on the site.

Should the user wish to avoid acceptance of such "cookie" files from the site, they must modify the preferences in the operating system and/or browser of which they make use. In addition, they can also erase such files installed on their computer at any time.


Data Security

“Yarn” employs up-to-date systems to secure data on its site. All the operations required to enter the site, place an order, or send data or information is carried out securely.

The site stores all its data in an ongoing secure manner. PCI Level1 security is applied to credit card data, which is not stored on the website, but immediately transferred to the credit card company clearing house.


Right to Examine Data

According to the Law Covering Privacy (1981), everyone is entitled to examine his personal data held in storage. Anyone who finds that this data is not correct, complete, clear, or up-to-date, is free to approach the owner of the data storage location to request the desired changes or deletions.

Our address for such action is Yarn, POB 1717, Zichron Ya’acov, 30900, or [email protected] .

Additionally, if the data in the website storage is used to make unauthorized contact with you, you are allowed, according to the law mentioned above, to request in writing that the data concerning you be removed from the data base.